Credit Check VS Offer


Dear ALL,

I am writing on behalf of my dearest friend who has gone through tough times. He has recently got an offer from BB I-bank for internship. However, his credit rating is very, I mean VERY bad. Therefore, he is so concerned about background check, which seems to include credit check, that he is about to give up his offer. He is currently paying up his debts (some of the debts are 4-5 years old), but he can not improve his score in 2-3 months apparently.
What can he do?
Is it OK for him to speak to HR and tell them he is in trouble? What happens if he promises he will be debt free until internship starts? Will they accept it?
If he has defaults, CCJ’s and he is willing to settle them all, will HR allow him?

We would really appreciate if you could share your ideas, and if you know someone who has been through similar situations, what did happen?

Thank you all


how does your friend know his Credit Score?? Sometimes its not as bad as you may think, for example most credit agencies know that most students will be in there student overdrafts so are more lenient…?


He ordered his score from Credit agency.
And he has recently been rejected by HSBC Branch Banking and the reason was stated as poor credit rating.