CRB Check

Baker Tilly
Grant Thornton


I was just wondering if, as part of the referencing process, a CRB check is performed by accountancy firms like Deloitte, Grant Thornton, PWC, BDO, Baker Tilly etc?

I have a slight blemish on my record in the shape of receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice just over a year ago after being caught urinating in a park. I know plenty of applicaions ask whether you have any criminal convictions to which I reply “No” because a FPN does not qualify.

But of course of if an employer runs a CRB check and it comes up then this won’t look very good! Because of this, if I knew they’d check, I’d mention it at interview as I don’t want to get a job offer then have it come up later with a check. At the same time I don’t want to be talking about the incident in an interview if there is no need!

Does anyone know?

And if this is something I mention is it likely to affect my chances?



If it doesn’t qualify then don’t mention it all - I am sure many people have FPN’s for various items - and if they do a CRB check they will know that it doesn’t qualify