Corus Graduate Recruitment-Telephone Interview


I have an invitation for competency based telephone interview with CORUS in few days time. Can anybody assist with what the question is like? I will appreciate your assistance.

Thank you



Have you had your interview yet?? Which scheme is it for?? I had a human resources one last week. I thought it was quite a relaxed interview they seem really nice.



I just got an invitation from corus for a competency based telephonic interview. Can anyone please tell me what kind of questions do they ask?

Waiting for a favourable reply.

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Hi mate… I have been invited for a telephone interview too… Could you tell me a little about your experience? The type of questions…or any advice you may want to give. Cheers for that :slight_smile:



Well it was a good experience for me its basically a general discussion in which they want to knw abt u n ur experiences. The questions are non-technical for example “What are your goals ?”, “Why did you opted for this particular degree?”…etc…

The only advice i can give u is just be yourself, concentrate throughly on the questions being asked, dnt rush gather your thoughts first and keep your answer’s to the point.

n make sure u do alot of research abt corus including the products and services they offer.

I hope that helps n best of luck for your interview…

Cheers :slight_smile:



Thanks so much :slight_smile: Very helpful advice. Really appreciate it. Will definitely keep them in mind. Btw I’m assuming there were competency based questions too? And considering that you had your telephone interview much before, were you lucky enough to make it to the assessment centre?