Corporate Tax Adviser Trainee help (CTA etc)


Hi guys,

Long story short I have an interview this coming Monday for a Corporate Tax Adviser trainee position within a mid tier firm in Edinburgh.
I have mainly been applying to CA training positions to this point, having graduated from an Accountancy degree, however I did enjoy tax for some reason through uni so this is why I’m applying for this. I do see myself trying tax in the future even if I did get a CA position.

Now my Q is basicly what should I expect from the interview for a role like this?
I know a lot about the CA side of things, ICAS training etc but not a lot about this Tax side
I will be looking through the CTA website and Accountancy Age, but I would any current tax grads or prospective tax guys/girls be able to shed some more light on this area please? Any good issues to study or things to expect would be much appreciated!



No advice at all? :frowning: