Corporate or Indirect Tax


Hi guys, I’ve just been through the application process at PwC and today I got a call to say they want to make me an offer but due to some cut backs and target changes they no longer have any positions available in HR Tax, for which I applied. However they said they now have openings in corporate and indirect tax and can transfer me to either of those immediately.

I’ve had a look around and so far I’m leaning towards corporate but I thought I’d see if anyone had any advice or maybe some experience of either to offer.

Thanks in advance.


hi, i’m in the process of applying to the big four for a indirect tax position. I think Indirect tax is a niche, not many people do it (thats what i’ve been told by a fellow agent). indirect tax is more consulting, less number crunching. corporate tax does involve consulting as well as, but it sways more towards working with numbers. hope that helps!