Corporate finance


Hi Everyone

I graduated in May from University of Worcester this year with a first class degree in Business accountancy and economics. Currently working as an operational supplier buyer at Ericsson in Sweden. However my real interest lies in finance. I am therefore looking to get into some financial analyst role in a corporate finance or advisory department. I have applied for a couple of analyst roles so far without any success both in Sweden and UK. The investment banking roles looks to be the toughest one so I do not mind working for smaller firms in order to gain experience. Does anybody have any suggestions regarding what firms might be hiring at the moment?

Also understand that the corporate finance and advisory departments has been hit very badly by the recession so any idea of any other roles that might look good on the CV and give me some experience while waiting for this area to pick up?

Another path I have been thinking of is to gain some sort of experience from a financial institution and try to get an admission at SSE in Stockholm in Sweden for a Masters. As it is so highly ranked it may be easier to get interviews. However need a GMNAT score or around 600-650. Does anybody have some experience of GMAT?

A lot of questions sorry for that but would appreciate some feedback on my situation.

Thanks in advance, Khaddi


Sounds like you’re on the right path. The trick with applications is to do a lot of them- it is a numbers game. You’ll also learn a lot about the industry as you do each one and go to each interview. You should try and make as many applications as you can, both for jobs and for entry level positions. If you do a [[back office]] role this is no bad thing- getting a name on your CV will really help you the next time you apply. As you have no past experience in this industry, anything you can do to pick up some knowledge will help you.

I have not done the [[GMAT]] but there are lots of people discussing it on these forums- do a search and see what you come across. The [[GMAT]] is supposed to be challenging, but I do believe that with some work, relatively bright people can achieve a score of 600 without too much difficulty.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback… Yes trying to look for jobs, which would look good on my CV and give me some experince about the industry…