Cooperative Finance Service Assessment


I will be going for the CFS customer advisor assessment, has anyone gone for this assessment? Please, what should I expect. Can anyone help…


Has anyone applied for the trainee financial adviser roles with co-operative financial services?


Yes… still waiting

How about you? Any news?


Am going to apply soon, have too much on my plate at mo, want to be focused!!

Did you apply direct online, if so could you please tell me if there were any tests etc? Also, when did you apply and whats your backround? I have no financial services or customer service history but have taken some ffinancial education, doing cefa now…you?


I applied online, it was just a basic application form and afterwards you should get a telephone interview. If you get through the telephone interview, you will then be invited for an online test. When you pass the test, you will be invited to the assessment centre. At the assessment centre, there will be group exercise, an interview and an online test.

I got the job, and I don’t have any background on finance but I have some customer service experience. I think you are assessed on your abilities at the assessment centre. All you need to know is; contribute as much as you can in the group work, and answer the online test correctly, you’ll do great. All the best!


Thanks for your reply. Am about to apply and anything you can tell me about the online tests, telephone interview and assessment centre would be gratefully received. In particular, how many questions online, is it just maths and IQ tests? Also, telephone interview…what kind of questions, any specific knowledge required?

Thanks in advance for your help and well done for being succesfull!!!


I would like the questions and model answers for the telephone interviews if anyone has them. Having got this far at a second attempt I want to pass this stage.


Hi Garden,

Just had my telephone interview for Customer Service Advisor role.It was really competency based.The lady asked questions like why CFS ?Why Customer services Role?what skills can you get to this role?She also asked about some real life work scenarios as to meeting deadlines and working under targets etc… she did lot of cross questioning ,just be confident and clear about want you want to get through.

It will be for 20 min and I was told that she would get back to me on mail regarding my status in couple of days,really keeping my fingers crossed as this looks like a good organization to work for.

Are you expecting an interview ,if so best of Luck!!


Hi Skip

Thanks for the information and I hope you do well. My first time I answered on competencies but did not get further than the telephone interview and was a bit baffled as I had thought about competency based answers in advanced. After failing to get through I wondered if these had to be sales or customer orientated only as I have a service background. This is why I was looking for other people’s experiences.
The Coop was a good organisation to work for - I started out at head office a long time ago! CFS is seperate but I think it will be just as good and provide employees with good support .

Let me know how you get on and good luck.


Hey Garden!!

still no news on my tel interview,I have sent a mail and called up as well but the call goes on an automated IVR asking to leave a message.I guess CFS is headquartered at Manchester.Please share your experience and what do they look forward to in potential hires??




I have my interview tomorrow so am not sure what I will get asked. I guess they will not reply to you direct until they have given a desicion on your interview.
I worked for cws straight from uni in 1975!! I worked with head of advertising at the bank on advertising but have done a lot of other things since.
Now I think they will have progressed in many ways but assume as employers they will be good because they were then and have good values.
I wish you well and hope you have news soon. I’ll let you know how I get on!


Hey Garden, Best of luck for your interview tommorrow.,

please do update about your structure for interview and if you could ask them how long they take to get back!!



Garden, wishing you the best of luck in your interview. Remember think around how the position you applied for impacts the business when answering your interview questions. And ensure to contribute your voice in the group exercise, take the lead in speaking for your group. I believe you will rock this!


Skip and Watchtower2010,

Well the telphone interview was short, starting with 5 minutes of houskeeping questions and then some competency based ones for about 15 minutes.
I was asked about delivering to targets, my communications skills with people and about a time when something went wrong.
As to hearing back I was told probably next week by email as the notes taken and recorded interview went off to a ‘marker’ next!
Skip, I hope you have got through this stage by now as it must be a week since you did the telephone interview. In case you don’t, I did not last time, you can apply again in 6 months and do it all again. In my case the recruiter approached me direct the second time. I don’t know why I failed telephone side last time but guess the answers were not focussed enough on the skills they were assesing.


Hey Garden! I think you will get through.

am really keeping my fingers crossed as to the result,
Will keep posted on this forum !!



Hello everyone…
does anyone have cleared the online assessment.

If so, then please do tell me what type of questions were asked.
This will be helpful for me



Which role have you applied for?


hey shark

tx for responding…

i have applied for finance advisor… temp position
what about you… did you apply for any positions with CFS…

do you know about the online assessment… if so, please do let me know whats actually the test consists off… it will only help me to brush up few things if quants is involved…will be helpful



Didn’t apply in the end, just about to finish DipFA so will be keeping an eye out for opportunities…

Good luck


I’ve appled for the Customer advisor role for Co-op banking, I got through the on the online assessment and now got a telephone interview next Tuesday, what questions am I going to get? Can someone help me I’m so scared! Haha it’s my first ever telephone interview and I really don’t wanna mess up