Container City - See it to Believe it!


You are not going to believe this - check it out! People have started living inside those massive shipping containers, the huge metal ones you see stacked at ports and docks or on the back of trains. Apparently it’s dead cheap as well, living in the one in London cost wise is more like living in Manchester (about ?50 a week in rent). It’s situated about 3 miles down commercial street from Brick Lane, which puts you roughly next to the millenium dome.

I wrote in an email about trying to buy a place, telling them I was an accountant and wannabe entreupreneur but they weren’t buying any of it; I never heard back. I think there goal is pseudo-ethical- they want key-workers, teachers, nurses, and also artists and people who don’t make much money. I should point out ?50 a weeks is dole territory.


So… lets buy some rubbish land and some containers!


You know what, you could probably make quite a bit by buying land and paying them to install a cheap building, which you then let out at fantastic london rates. Sounds better than running a website!