Consulting services in these companies (i.e. PWC)


Are they really like those in real consulting companies, say Mckinsey or BCG? How about their interview, as tough?


Do you mean are they as good…? The answer is yes, companies like PWC and Deloitte have great consulting arms, although they are sometimes smaller than at consulting only firms.

Yes, the interviews at Deloitte etc are tough, REALLY tough, and it will be really hard to score a job if you even get through to interview…these companies received 100’s of applications per offered place. Getting a consulting job at Deloitte, PWC, etc can actually be tougher than getting one at a consulting only firm…

Feel free to ask more questions… and check our main page WikiJob | Interview questions for PwC, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Accenture and more for a ‘Consulting’ page that should be up and running imminently!



Thanks Ed. I am actually through the first round of PWC. The second round is coming. There will be more case studies. It seems their case study is more data based – they normally give you a big pack to read for 15 min and then start the QA session. I have read some books from Vault, like ace the case and etc. But they were more straight forward. So do you have any suggestion on preparing for data-pack-style case study interview? best regards, Adam


Hi Adam,

It’s mostly common sense - you don’t need a cutting edge business acumen to be able to answer the questions- just a smart head. There probably isn’t much you can do to prepare so I wouldn’t worry

PwC, Deloitte etc are tier 2 consulting firms- i.e. they are not considered A-league in the consulting industry. If you are serious about consulting, you should also apply to the major consulting firms. Contrary to what Ed says, you will probably have a tougher time getting into a consulting firm then getting into PwC or Deloitte.

One other thing, PwC only take on 15 graduates in strategy, so don’t be too disheartened if you don’t get in!

Incidently, Deloitte has the largest consulting arm of the Big 4, so if it’s an accounting firm you want to work for, you might want to consider applying there.


Thanks. I will start applying Deloitte if PWC failed me. Actually, I had nearly 2 years industry experience already. So I guess I won’t be joining graduate scheme. Don’t know this is good or not …

Anyway, in the first round, I thought the case could have been linked with my current experience – if that was what they were interested. But I was wrong. In the end, they said I did very well. Just I didn’t realize it. So I am always searching for that 100% sure feeling and see if it can be achieved via preparation.

To compare advisory with consulting, I think advisory links more closely with financial issues and projects like private equity and M&A, which interests me.