Consulting or Audit


I am studying audit at the moment but I did not enjoy it, However, I think the real world is certainly different from what was taught in the lecture. And I do not have much idea about consulting. So I am struggling on which field to get in after grad.
Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks a lot.


Hi there,

Yes, I studied some audit in university and then joined PwC to do audit - they are very different! I would say don’t judge the role from your lectures.

I’m sure you can do some research on both roles but some things to think about:

  • You will get the ACA qualification in Audit and not Consulting - this can be great to have depending on what you want long term
  • For both there are many sectors you can go in to which will change the role quite drastically - especially consulting!
  • In both roles you get to have various clients which is great - Audit you will be on the finance side and it is (especially for your first year) very in the detail and analytical. Consulting (again dependent on the sector and role) can be more strategic and high level. You don’t get this in Audit until you get a little more senior but then your knowledge is very in-depth and broad by the time you get there!
  • Remember for Audit there is a “busy season” from roughly January - March. So you know for this time you will be very very busy and working long hours … and for the rest of the year it will be less stressful. Consulting is project based and so maybe a little more unreliable in terms of understanding when you will be busy.

Hope this helps! Good luck.