Consulting Interviews and Offers Thread


I was hoping folks could use this thread to discuss/mention upcoming interview/assessment centre dates or indeed job/internship offers. This will allow us all to see where we stand in the whole recruitment process. If you catch wind of recruitment figures also. As far as I am aware, E&Y and Deloitte are the only applications currently open?


Hey. I think a lot of firms actually do year-round recruiting - always worth a check!

I have just received a rejection note from McKinsey, quite disappointed but not too suprised. I’m not an Oxbridge candidate, though from what I’ve seen I did meet their required academic standard, and have experience in consulting, strategy and leadership. So I presume its an academic reason - real shame as I was great at their sample tests!

How is everyone else getting along?


Guy123 - Just wondering if you had an interview with McKinsey or a rejection for a job application?

I’ve applied but haven’t heard anything back from them, although my consulting experience is limited and I’m not Oxbridge either.


Hey rav
Nope no interview just the rejection from the application. It’s a standard response from them, praising my achievments but saying I don’t quite match their criteria. Without a personal response its impossible to know why I failed, but I’m guessing my non-Oxbridge status and very poor state-school background didn’t help!

Did you get the automated confirmation email after you applied? Should have arrived almost instantly - if you didn’t then its maybe worth following up with them. Otherwise they aim to reply with feedback within a month of applying, they got back to me in just under 3 weeks.


Ahh sorry to hear that. I can imagine they would be very selective. Yes I got the automated response but heard nothing yet but its only been 2 weeks.

I got rejected from CHP consulting despite meeting their requirements quite well and their email contained a list of possible reasons why my application may have been rejected but I can’t quite pinpoint why.

I prefer having application forms because their isn’t as much importance on the specific details of your CV & cover letter and you can also really bring across your experiences.


Just an update, I’ve just received a rejection from Bain now also. Looks like I may need to focus my search on the technology consulting firms like the IBMs and Accentures etc. I’ve work experience with one of these consultancies before, but really felt Strategy Consulting was for me. Shame really. Will keep the thread updated in any case!


When you say you’ve received rejections from the Mbeebies - are you applying for 2011 entry or 2010 entry?


There was no particular option for 2010 or 2011 when you apply (or not that I remember).


I can’t believe they are rejecting so early!

I know someone that is a recruiting advisor at Bain ( a friend’s dad, awfully lucky I know) - I’m not sure I want to work in strat but I’ll let you know his advice after I give him a call (on sep the 4th)

I think deloitte’s and PWC’s consulting applications are open

Check out the vault list for other ideas


Hi all, just thought Id pass on a quick update.

A close friend of mine has a 2011 Grad face to face interview with Deloitte this week, and has been told the first assessment centre they are running will be in the middle of September.

I didnt even know MBBB were open, but ive been told its not even worth submitting an application till you have a contact or two you can name-drop on the application, for applicants who arent oxbridge at least.



I have an interview with Deloitte very soon. I’m prepared for the competencies on their site. However, I’ve seen in the wiki pages that people get asked about team work and decision making. Has anyone recently had an interview and been asked about these also? When I get the chance I will post info on my experience but hopefully someone has some info about this? Thanks.


Hey there, how was the interview? I was rejected last year but I’m aiming to try again this year.