Consulting at PwC


How is Consulting different from other lines of service?

What does a consultant do? Is it different to audit?


Consulting is competely different to audit. They could not be further apart.

The first thing you need to know is that it is much more difficult to get into consulting than any other line of service, even as a graduate. PwC consulting takes maybe only 15 graduates a year.

Consulting is basically ‘management consultancy’. This is where a company has a problem and seeks the advice of PwC on the matter, where PwC are known as experts in business in general. The work mostly involves situation modelling, where a particular change has been made to the running of a company, and you will be required to forecast the effect on the cash flow, profit and loss and balance sheet at specific times in the future.

The work is interesting and diverse, and the money is far better than in audit and assurance. The hours can be very long however, especially when close to deadlines (as is the same with all big 4 firms).

Only the most ambitious candidates should apply. If you think you are a ‘long-shot’, apply to audit, where 70% of the firm’s income is made.

Some smaller firms, such as Vantis, do not do audit at all, and specialise in various forms of consultancy and tax advice.