Consultancy & Travel


I’d like to know which firms and areas of consultancy involve the least amount of travel?

It would be very appealing to go abroad if it were somewhere exciting but, a lot of what I’m reading on the topic of travel involves obscure industrial parks and places you would never choose to go to. Is the business consultancy route a lonely one? It seems to involve spending every Mon to Fri away from home. Only spending the weekend with friends and family.

Is it possible to have a successful career in consultancy without too much travel?



Well, the essense of consulting is that you are a CONTRACTOR and therefore (like builders, plumbers, etc.) travel to the client and not the other way round. So I guess the short answer is “no”. However, if you’re less keen on travelling, keep a look out for firms that have a large client base around their offices - I mean, for example, if you’re looking for a company in Bristol, make sure you apply to the ones that say something like “75% of clients in Bristol”.

Also, most companies’ working structure will mean that you will work AT WORST a 3-4-5 week. That means 3 nights away, 4 days at a client site, 5th day at home/base office.

One last thing. The vast majority of business is within 50 miles of the City (or so I’ve been told) and so is easily commutable. Being a consultant, you will have the option of overnight accomodation if you so desire, but could also see your friends/family.

OK, last point, I promise, I wouldn’t call consulting ‘lonely’. You will be part of a team of consultants (especially in the first several years you will be working with, rather than above, a number of people) who you’ll be able to socialise with. I know it ain’t the same as seeing your old friends and/or family, but it’s not lonely!

Or so I hope.