Consultancy Application Progress 2009/2010


Hey everybody, I just thought it would be useful to create a thread for people to post who they’ve applied to and if they’ve had any responses so far. That means we can all keep up with how everyone is doing.


Anyone get a response from BCG today? Mine read:

"Thank you for your application for a position with The Boston Consulting Group.

Our worldwide recruiting committees have reviewed your application and were impressed by your excellent track record and your demonstrated abilities. However, we regret that we cannot offer you a personal interview at this time.

Due to the number of applications we received, we apologise but are unable to provide feedback on your application.

We do appreciate your interest in BCG and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. "

VERY confusing, is this just a stock response then?


stock response!

BCG and Bain replied today. McKinsey replied this week. Booz and OW (after test) still to go


How annoying!

I’ve been rejected by LEK BCG and Bain whereas I’m through to the next round fo Mckinsey, despite having to rush my application for them!


Oh, McKinsey has already replied after the tests? Still waiting for them. Heard back from Bain, BCG.


did Bain & BCG rejected every1 today???/ guys can i still aply to Mckinsey, Booz???

Applied to BCG …got rejection today


McKinsey’s deadline was a few weeks ago although I remember reading a thread online somewhere of someone who had applied to them after the deadline and got to the next stage regardless, so you could always give it a shot!

got my McKinsey problem solving test on Monday, rather nervous!


yea bacuase on the website there is still link to apply for the positions…I got an email from European Recruting manager of bcg about rejection…i put my 2nd preference down as Dubai…i wonder are dubai ppl still considering my app?


rejection from McKinsey, Bain. No word from LEK, BCG, OC&C, Monitor, Booz


I have an interview with Monitor on Tuesday and one with BCG in December. Also I’m through to the online tests for OC&C. Straight rejection from McKinseys and Credo though…




Took Oliver Wyman tests, waiting for reply. Got invited to BCG in December. Rejection from McKinsey & Bain. Waiting for word from the rest.


I haven´t heard anything from Bain (when did they send out emails?) or McKinsey after the PST. I´ve got a 1st round with BCG, tests for OC&C and awaiting the results of the OW tests. Haven´t heard from the others yet (Credo, Monitor, Booz)


Bain sent out on the 20th of this month. McKinsey deadline for this round was 1st Nov, if you applied after you will only hear from them in Jan/Feb. When did you get something from OC&C - I haven’t heard from them yet.


Good idea to have this thread. I hate this waiting around. I don’t know why some firms haven’t replied even though some of you guys have heard back.

Deloitte: Final round.
PwC: No news, after tests.
Monitor: 1st round next week, heard Nov 18th.
BCG: Rejected, 20th Nov.
Mckinsey: Rejected, 15th Nov.
Bain: No news.
OC&C: Invited to online test, 25th Nov.
LEK: No news.
PA: Final round, heard 26th Nov.
Roland Berger: No news.
Booz: No news.
OW: Rejected, 24th Nov (after ridiculously hard tests).
Credo: First round last week, messed up market sizing exercise, rejected.
Other small firms: No news.


would anybody like to pracitce case interviews? I have interviews for Bain & McKinsey this week and next and desperate to practice case interviews with people looking to practice.

I have SKYPE or could meet wateva suits.

please mails on


Hey guys,

I was just wondering when asked a market-sizing question in an interview, is it expected that you write down/draw out your answer on paper, or are they looking for you to do all the math and remember the calculations in your head?

Thanks to anyone who can help


Status Update -

  • McK - rejected
  • Bain - my application was in vain.
  • BCG - did some research and found a lot of matrixes are named after them! WOW! WOW! - cashcow!
  • Booz - awaiting contact (14 Dec), hopefully they give out free <Boooooozz!
  • ATK - no contact, sounds like a chemistry lab.
  • Monitor - havent a clue who they are!
  • OW - got scared by their tests! lol.
  • OC&C - no contact. there are too many C’s in their name.
  • L.E.K. - sounds like my potato leak soup.
  • Parthenon - no contact
  • Credo - sounds incredible!
  • EY - didnt apply
  • PwC - online tests
  • Deloitte - On Hold
  • Accenture - not interested in them
  • Diamond - missed their deadline

P.S. Booz will get back to the applicants next week.



hahahaha…a good one! Seems that consulting would not be your best fit! LOL…
but dont lose hope on boooooooooooooz !

and what do you mean “deloitte - on hold”?
I took their online tests just yesterday, today they got back and invited me to the 1st round. However, no date of interview given yet :frowning:



I have an AC for Deloitte Strategy Con in January. I had my first round in November. I thought they were really prompt up until booking my AC when I only heard back from them after sending a concerned sounding email.