Considering leaving Big 4...


Hi guys,

I am currently one and a half years into my Big 4 audit training contract and am really not enjoying it. I have done 9 exams so far with 3 coming up in June, after which I will be part qualified.

I am so disillusioned with the whole experience that I am considering failing one of my upcoming exams, so that I can leave without having to pay back costs to the firm.

Does anyone know how easy it would be to find another job upon leaving? Or would the fact that I had left half way through the contract be frowned upon by future employers?

I would probably prefer to complete the qualification (maybe at a smaller firm) before changing fields complete.y

Any advice is much appreciated!



Hi there, honestly why pull out a big 4 training contract half way. Although it’s possible you find a smaller firm to complete the qualification, you would be prepared to answer questions like why you didn’t finish it with big4, why you didn’t enjoy it etc…In the event you can’t find a firm to take you on, you may end up working as an account assistant in a company and could be at a lower wage no study support or a completely different qualification. You have done so many exams and are capable of passing them all first time. Completing a degree in a subject you hate is still much better than dropping it half way, especially you can carry on complete it.
May I ask you why you aren’t enjoying it? Audit may not be the most exciting service line however there are many many many good graduates out there doing far more boring and demoralising jobs. Only a handful can work in field they really enjoy and things you think you would enjoy could turn up very differently.