Considering becoming Independent student for ACCA


Hey everyone,

I am newly graduated from MSc Drug Discovery from UCL- School of Pharmacy. I am really struggling to get past the stage of the assesments and even land a phone interview or just any interview in general. I have been applying for Graduate schemes since last year. the main reason I have been getting rejected even from small-medium sized companies is my degree and work experience which are both very scant - done the business plan writing competition and also been to business bootcamp, participated in a volunteering social-media strategy consultancy program.
Stil no reply from anyone…

So I would like to know if it is best to just apply for the independent student for ACCA or try and do a Diploma in Finance and Business/ AAT Level 2 and Level 3 as they are offered for home learning which is more flexible for me as I have a part-time job.

Please please advise soon

Thanks in advance


I don’t know whether this is useful for you or not but are you aware that the reliance on relevant degree and work experience goes down with larger firms?

And there are plenty of website where you can practice the online assessment tests.