Considering a switch to E&Y IT Advisory (Performance Improvement)


I have an offer from E&Y IT Advisory practice (Performance Improvement), and I would like to know your thoughts and opinion on your experience in this practice. My SAP functional skillets is what helped be land this offer. I pursued this opportunity mainly because :-

a) I see some advantages in joining a practice that is starting and committed to growth
b) E&Y is a known brand, and they already have established relationships with big corporations
c) I did get the opportunity to chat with partners with no Audit background trying to build this practice, but since they were selling to me, I am not willing to take everything they told me at face value

But I also have some concerns, and specifically I would like to know about the following :-

  1. Has anyone(or anyone you know) made a switch from the more established firms like Accenture, IBM, Deloitte Consulting to E&Y performance improvement group ? If yes, how has been your experience so far ?

  2. What exactly is the purpose/goal of the performance improvement practice that E&Y is trying to build? Will this be an auxiliary group to support their Internal Audit engagements, where they require people with IT knowledge, or is this practice comparable to the pure consulting work done by IBM/Accenture/Deloitte Consulting, with absolutely no Audit flavor ?

  3. If anyone moved out of E&Y Performance Improvement practice, I would like to hear from them as well ?


So what did you end up choosing in the end?