Has anyone heard back from the UK Commercial Graduate Development Programme, yet?

It’s been a while since the deadline…


Still waiting but not very hopeful because AssDay is less than a week away.


has anyone heard back from ConocoPhillips recently? the deadline was 28th march and they have an AC mid april.


Hi, they called me on April 1st for the Assessment Centre on April 16th.

They also informed me that I would receive some of those psychometric tests to complete online within a couple of days, but I haven’t received any link yet.

I looked for some information and feedbacks about the Commercial Graduate Development Programme, but the only results are job postings.


Has anyone applied but not heard anything as of yet?


is the programme for any individual - nationationality or restricted to UK guys only.


what is the educational qualifications required for this program ?


Hello Everyone good day. I applied for the IT graduate Analyst 2012 role with ConocoPhillips and have been invited for the Assessment Centre. Can anyone who have attended ConocoPhillip’s Assessment Centre kindly advise me on what to expect or what to expect notwithstanding the role you applied for.

Thanks a million


please can anyone share thir experience with Conocophillips at the assessment center?


Hello, I was wondering the same as the above questions, if anyone could share their experience from the ConocoPhillips assessment centre I’d be very grateful.