Confusion regarding Final Interview


I Applied for a relationship support role in a bank. I have 3 years experience in credit dealing with complex proposals and structuring. I did well in the written tests and initial interview. There were few people shortlisted for the final interview which was held on the same day. I was the first in line.The division head made small talk for a few minutes. Then he asked if for any reason I don’t get the job, as they have yet to meet other candidates, should they contact me for other analytical or strategic roles. And what if they groomed me for 1 year in this role and send me elsewhere ? Then he talked about my extracurricular activities . Finally, he said that The are sure about my analytical abilities , but they not sure about the relationship management part. They said I will get a call if selected. I am very confused about the interview. I don’t know whether it was good or bad? comment please.


Hi, unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to know much about the interview, until you receive the outcome. If you don’t get the job, I’d suggest asking for feedback, so you have a clearer idea and can use it as a positive for future interviews