confused about the questions in the 1st interview in EY


Somebody said this year EY changed their questions in the first round interview, no competency questions any more.

However, i noticed that somebody post the questions they were asked, but those questions looks like competency ones.

So, what type of questions there would be. Any idea?

Thank you


It depends what you are applying for. Tax and assurance have changed to the different format. Both these questions and the competencies ones are under the wiki on EY. You can change the tabs at the top.


Rachel, thank you very much.

I am applying for one position under advisory


Hi andriygcc, I’m applying for Pensions as well in london. I have my first interview tomorrow. The bad news is I got the call 2 hours ago to inform me about it. So really short notice. But I accepted it anyway because I wanted it out of the way before christmas. How was your interview? What questions did they ask? Is yours at london too? Any help will be appreciated.


hi, surbhimehra. sorry for replying so late. coz i just came back.
i took my interview this afternoon at 4:00, and the interviewer named ASMI, a manager in actuarial pension.
She asked some questions like teamwork, problem solving, and leadership.
She did not ask many questions but looked deeply into your example.
yes, mine at london
what is more, i think i have no chance…coz i performed too humble…lack of confidence.
good luck to you:)


Hi andriygcc, thanks for replying. When did they say they will get back to you? Don’t worry so much. These sound like standard questions. I’m sure you will do well.


in 24 will be a long day for me to wait~
thank you
good luck:)


hi, surbhimehra
how is your interview today? who was the interviewer?
i have not got any news



The interview today was ok. Her name was Clare. She had a list of questions in front of her and asked me almost all of them. 2-3 questions each about Personal drive, teamwork, leadership and commercial awareness. I thought there were quite alot of questions and I was kinda running out of examples. The interview lasted for almost an hour. Let’s see. I hope I get through. She said she they were taking 3-4 graduates this time. And that the pensions was the only vacancy left in the london office. Fingers crossed for both of us.


oh, i really hope that i could see you in the AC!!!
In fact, i have strong interest in this position. Coz it is a developing one, which means more challenge with more chances.
But the fact was yesterday i was too humble to express my idea! So, today i just was crazying~~~
My idea is if i can not get through this time, i would do the application next year still for it. But, one more year to wait…


I’l post here if I here from them, hope you do the same. Best of luck!


My first found interview for London Assurance was what the interviewer called as ‘strength based’. There were a lot of questions, many of which did not require long answers having no real right or wrong answer for some of them. You have to think on your feet a lot so it is hard to prepare for. I found the best method was to go with my instinct as I was actually expecting a competency interview and had not prepared for these sorts of questions! The person I had was really nice and when a felt I had nothing else to say she’d say ‘no thats fine’, so I almost got the impression the detail was less important. I did pass the interview and all I can remember was that there were LOTS of questions close to 20 or even more. Some questions like ‘how would your friends describe you’ and ‘how do you know your weaknesses’ i guess you can prepare answers for but again instinct… just remember to think before you speak and not say anything stupid! :slight_smile:

hope that helps for people applying to the same thing
good luck!


I have read about this kind of interview in other posts where they ask you questions that might require brief answers like “do you keep promises?” but my interview was completely different. It was purely competency based with a few commercial awareness at the end. And this was for London Advisory so I think they might be having different types interviews for different divisions.


Thank you all for the information. I am still waiting for the date of my interview to be set up. Do you think they still have vacancies at this moment?

Hi Yach, may I know which division you applied for? Did you give examples to every question? What kind of questions you asked at the end? I feel a bit nervous and dont know what to prepare. May I have some suggestions? I am worried that I will be too nevous to make stupid mistakes. I dont think I can enjoy an interview, unless I was the interviewer…


My first round interview was ‘strength based’ questions, ranging from how would your tutor describe you to are you a good listener, when was the last time you solve a problem. The interviewer had a folder of questions, and the interview was about 2 hours. That is to say, there are indeed about 15 questions. I was happy with my interview in the sense that it was really more like a two way process than an ‘interogation’. The final session of asking questions is also important. It is the opportunity to find out more about the business and decide whether it is the right job for you. So please take them very seriously. Now I hope I don’t have to wait for long for them to confirm my AC date. Can anyone who passed their interview in mid-late december shed some lights on their progression to the next stage? How long did you wait for them to notify you of your AC date? Many thanks and good luck to you all.


hi surbhimehra, thank you for your post, I will have a first interview on the 23 Jan and wondering what kind of commercial awareness they asked you, and as I am applying for the Business risk department, but you said pension is the only vacancy left in London, do you mean I have no chance??


i dont really know about BRS, i know they offered a position for brs during my AC. I dont know how many places are left.