Conflict of Interest?


I’m currently applying to a few graduate schemes and I just found out that the law firm that I’ve been working for for the past few months has sued a few of the banks that I’m applying to. Do you think its best to just leave my current job off of my resume, or should I change its name, or should i just leave it on. I dont want my current employer’s actions to negatively affect my applications, but I also dont want to be accused of being dishonest.

Also, what’s the best format for a CV? Some people have said two-pages is standard, but I’ve heard from people in the business that one page is the standard. Thoughts?


I’d say leave it on personally. I mean you didn’t sue them.

Also I always keep mine to one page. If you reduce the size of the margins its easier to fit it on one


I’d say they should be big and smart enough to realise that you’re just an employee who did his job.
I’d even say just call their HR and state your concerns and surely they’ll see the lighter side of it and even remember you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


one page max for banks


Hi Yank

Pls go back atleast that way everyone would be happy :wink: And take Hicks and Gillett with U