completely new to accounting-need advise


Hi all

I am looking for advise on entry into accounting. I am an electrical engineering graduate interested in accounting and management. I am currently employed in the IT for over the past year and half but I want to start a career in management and accounting. what are your suggestions on how I cuold enter into the field. how easy is it to find a good job in the field and what are the jobs I could look out for? any suggestions on the courses I could take up in this regards?



You don’t need to come from an accounting background to become an accountant they accept any degree

You could try applying for training positions but you must be able to show why you want to switch to accounting and show commitment to it

another method could be to do some finance based temp work to get some experience in the field and maybe consider doing AAT at the same time

have a look at the careers section on some accounting firm websites

It isn’t easy to find a job in any field atm


thanks for the reply…!.. do you think it is a good idea to start doing CIMA without Finance related jobs?..I mean start with their CBA(Certificate in Business Accounting)… will that make it easier to get jobs in Finance?.. many small accounting firms do not seem to accept graduates of other disciplines…:(… any further suggestions?


actually quite a few smaller firms accept other disciplines you just need to find them have a look in members directory etc.

depends what type of accounting you are interested in:

CIMA is mostly management accounting and doesn’t allow you to be a registered auditor

ACA/ACCA is more biased towards financial accounting and does allow you to be a registered auditor

CIMA is usually done in industry firms finance dept. rather than in accounting practices

ACA is usually in practice firms

ACCA is done in both (thougn personally I think it is more of an industry qualification)

for you atm I would say getting some work experience is more important than starting exams (you might end up getting a job which wants you to do a different set of exams)


thanks for the advise mate…I thought I can sit a few exams in Certificate in Business Accounting so that I would gain an idea of the field and find some suitable jobs… I am interested in management and would like to do my MBA in the future… what are your suggestions for getting an entry level job in accounting/management accounting?..all experience I have are in the IT and engineering…:(… can you suggest what kind of entry level positions I can look for I mean what kind of job titles?


If you prefer the management side of things then yes CIMA is better

look foe jobs with CIMA training contracts (usually listed as graduate jobs)



you have been very helpful mate…thanks…!! do I need to contact each of the listed employers to see if they have any openings?..coz when I look into the websites I do not find any vacancies…!..sorry for asking too many questions…but I need to find out somehow…


If their are none listed then it is unlikely they have any but you can contact them if you want - they may be planning something

you can also look for cima training jobs in newspapers, job sites or ask agencies


another small question mate…how competitive are the entries to the grad jobs and can I get into cima training jobs only after my CBA or would I be able to try for them earlier?..


Depends if it is at a large blue chip company then very competitive

At a smaller company it depends on attractiveness of offer, location etc.

A lot of companies will provide study support and put you through CIMA exams so you can apply even if you haven’t done any exams etc. (check their website or ask HR for more details)


thanks…very helpful…!..I would like to know what kind of job titles can I apply for.?.. say in a small company or in a big company…?.. what are the trainees likely to be called…?


trainee accountant
trainee management accountant
graduate trainee
assistant management accountant
junior management accountant
CIMA trainee


thanks for your advise and patience mate…much appreciated… looks like I will have to sit some exams before I find any orpportunities…tough time now…!!.. have a basic job now in IT…so got 2 wait till the job market picks up…:slight_smile:


I am also like you, trying to break in to finance sector having graduated as an Electrical and electronic engineer. I have already started ACCA and passed Financial accounting paper. two more papers to be attempted to complete the first stage.

did you manage to break into finance sector easily?