Competition in the PQ market.


The current situation in the employment market seems to imply that the qualified guys are entering into the PQ market. I have applied for jobs and have discovered my competition is not on the same footing as myself.

I have spoken with a number of agencies on the issue and asked for advice and they all seem to say that if a qual asks to be out fwd. for a PQ p[osition they will do so as they feel there is a better chance of them filling the vacancy.

My argument to them is that the qual. may be bored by the lack of advancement and thus the jiob will be back on the market again pretty soon, and that I have hands on experience and so to speak “do not mind getting dirty”, but this does not seem to count.

has anybody else had these challenges?


Hi Turk Town Boy. Interesting name that!

I too have experienced the same approach from agencies. My first thinking was that they were appointing quals. as they would earn a higher commission, but of course I was assured this was not so. My distrusting nature got the better of me and I applied under a pseudonym for a PQ job I had applied for previously, but inferring I was qualified. Having been turned down before without interview I was accepted and at another £8 per hour. To me this gives a lie to the fact that agencies are not commission driven. The job was advertised as for a PQ only!
I would suggest that the world of the PQ looking for a job is now becoming more difficult as agencies seek to be more money generative.
This places more onus on PQ looking for employment directly with employers. The need to sell oneself increases as does the value of a good CV. I was wondering if a CV writing agency would be of assistance. Has anyone experience of these agencies?


I have a lot of dealings with agencies as an audit manager. We are no longer seeing a significant pricing differential between the PQ. the QBR and the early stage qual. If that is the case we will fall towards the Qual unless there is a specific experience that would be applicable. The market is overloaded with choice as an employer and the PQ must have a CV that will make them stand out.


The content of this thread disturbs me as you see from my sign in that I am a person of mature years and thus have over my time in the accountancy profession met many PQs and in nearly all cases they have a specific skill set to offer. This skill set comes from the fact that they have normally taken the basic accounting exams and have not progressed further for a whole variety of reasons, most of which are family based. They have then gone on to use those skills in understanding in particular SMEs and they seem, in my experience, to be able to connect very well with these people. This I think is supported by the fact that many of these clients ask for them year in year out. I know this may not be the best audit practice but nonetheless as they are part of a team I see no harm.
I have encouraged some of them to look at AAT so that they can feel they have some letters as a reward for their skills but to ask them to go the whole hog of qualification is just not possible. Recruiters who prefer to promote newly qualifieds as opposed to PQ’s are in my opinion green behind the ears. These newly quals. are full of technical knowledge and are bookish in approach. The PQ has in general common sense, maturity and the ability to build relationships.