competition commission internship


Got an interview for summer internship with the competition commission of the GES…anyone in the same boat ?
what kind of macro and micro will be expected?



What kind of internship is this? Do the CC offer grad schemes too? Are they mainly finance or all types?


I believe that it is Government Economic Service - their competition commission division…
you need to apply to the GES first and state your options where you would like to work…



I have an interview with teh GES for the DWP on Tuesday. Has anyone been through the interview and able to offer tips / advice?




how did your interview go? got the placement?


Yeah I got it! So chuffed!! I really didn’t think I would as I was unhappy with how the interview went but I guess I shouldn’t be so pessimistic!


Does anyone have any tips for the current GES-DWP interview process?