Competency questions help!


Hi guys,

Could anyone offer any advice on examples for the following questions? Thanks in advance!!

  1. Describe a time where you have developed yourself

  2. Tell us about a time you worked in a team. How did you personally ensure the team worked together towards a common goal?

I’m really stuck with the first question, I don’t know of any great examples to write about other than my degree and work. I havent had time to like learn a new language or a new skill and I haven’t even passed my driving test yet so I’ve not really had much self-development. Does anyone have any good ideas or skills I could write about which I havent thought of?

As for the second question I have many teamwork experiences but I don’t know what to write for the second part: ‘How did you personally ensure the team worked together towards a common goal?’ I think it is looking at leadership and I’m usually not the leader in a team, more likely a team member. does anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks again x


talk about a weakness that you’ve tried to improve on. the example i always use is my being nervous in talking in front of many people/ giving presentations. on my year abroad i gained a lot of confidence in speaking to people in other languages, so figured i could manage talking to people in my own language. so i joined a comittee, and gave a presentation to 200+ people. i went through x y and z to make sure i could deliver a good speech bla bla bla. something like that

sometimes team members steer the group in the right direction if the leader is busy delegating tasks for example. i would prefer to talk about a time when i was a leader, but if not, i woukld talk about how i stopped a group meeting from discussing things that weren’t directly related to the project and make people focus. i also motivated some people when they weren’t doing their work properly.

hope that helps!


hi noob,

thanks for the great advice! what excellent examples :slight_smile: can patience be considered as an area of self development?


-tell me about a time you had to solve a problem immediately

Could someone help me with that one?


Think of a problem that had an immediate deadline. Maybe one that if you didn’t solve straight away, would grow into a bigger problem.
Basically looking at these competencies: problem solving, working under pressure, motivation, resilience, possibly teamwork.