competency questions help appreciated!


Hi guys,

I’m a newbie to this forum and would like to say that its a fantastic resource - has really helped with my job hunt lately!

I have been stumbling over a few competency questions given by a few accountancy firms that I would like to apply to. If anyone can offer me some advice it would be great!

One of the questions is:

What aspects of your past work experience would support your application and how?

Now, I’m not an accountancy graduate and I’ve not really had much accountancy experience so I can’t really mention anything along those lines. Is it okay to concentrate on pulling out relevant competencies from my work experiences needed for the accountancy job itself? Like working with numbers? Working with people? Managing projects etc?

Also another is:

Describe a situation where you have developed yourself in the last year.

Apart from achieving a degree and working in a temporary job, I haven’t really done much :s And I have referred to my degree for several other questions. What should I do? Would it not be too boring to talk about my degree again?

Hope someone can help! Many many thanks!

tasha x


for the first question, yeah, thats exactly what they’re looking for. just general team player capabilities, leadership, problem solving bla bla

second one, try not to refer to your degree in your answers. most people who apply would have the same academic credentials, so you need to add something that will make you stand out. so, think about extra curricular activities at uni. perhaps you were part of a society and had to make a presentation - which was an area you wanted to develop or something.

i know some of these are tricky!!


hi noob!

thanks very much for your input - just finished submitting my application :slight_smile: fingers crossed x