Competency Question on communication skills in team working, help!!!


As for DTT competency questions, me and my friend both went to the interview (on different dates), both got asked about communication skills in a team working environment, but we gave different examples !!!

He talked about how to solve a conflict in a team: a member dominated a meeting, he persuaded that dominant guy to calm down and listen to other members, this way he facilitated a constructive discussion, team decision in the end was made by a vote.

I talked about how to support a meeting by acting as the coordinator, delegating roles, producing an agenda including key concerns we should discuss in the meeting, facilitating the team’s discussion by
taking minutes and sticking to the time.

Which one is better?? I am so puzzled about the question, what they want from the candidates:confused: ???


…both sound like good examples. They want to see how you have handled communication problems in the past and how good your communication skills are.

Have a look at for more on competency questions about communication and or if you haven’t seen them already. could also be useful :slight_smile:

How did the rest of the interview go?


You might just want to watch an episode of the Apprentice, think of the completely opposite way to handle things and make up an example starting from that…



hahaha…who is that big guy in the apprentice that makes the eagle noises?! …pure comedy… the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!