Competency Interview



I have a competency based nterview at the end of the week. All I know is that the main focus will be on the following:

Managing the Customer Relationship
Bringing innovation to problem solving
Attention to Detail
Planning and Control
Team Working

I have been finding it difficult to come up with examples and things to talk about. Does anyone have any ideas and examples that might help me come up with some? I would be grateful for any replies, thanks.


Have you looked at [[competency based interview]]s and [[competency based questions]]? The kind of examples you need are situations in which you’ve demonstrated those competencies. For example, for the first one, try something where you’ve worked with customers before- maybe dealing with a difficult customer - that sort of thing. With innovation, look for something where you had to apply yourself creatively and resourcefully to solve a problem. Similar for the rest of them. Have you had a job before? What kind of role are you applying to?


Thanks chris. I just graduated a few weeks ago with a maths degree. The role I am interviewing for is in one of the actuarial teams in Scottish Widows. I’ve never had any experience interviewing before, so I’m just hoping to come up with some good ideas that I can comfortably talk about in detail.


As well as having some good examples, make sure you properly understand actuary and what is involved, what the training involves, and what you will be doing day to day. You’ll definately need to know these things for the interview. Also make sure you understand why you want to work for Scottish Widows and why you want to work in actuary.


How was you interview Chaudha? Any tips you can give us about Scottish Widows?


Did you do the interview yet?