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Hello, I am in the process of applying to various accountancy firms and need some help on competency examples. For those who possibly weren’t treasurer of societies or even a member of a society I think some good competency examples would be very useful. If someone could help me that would be ace.

Problem Solving
Time Management


Communication - most important part of the business communication and well
communicating leads to promotions. speaking to clients with necessary jargons of industry and delivering the message professionally. i had hard time with my phone communication because of being a foreigner in london

Teamwork - working with one or two makes life easier if your colleagues are cooperative otherwise better to leave the place. In an audit company it would be doing the projects together where needed getting help from each other, not just telling what needs to be done but actually doing some part of it so that your colleague carries on doing it without difficulty. I am in retail and mainly we work together in consulting a customer on one or more products, if if my colleagues see i have difficulty in getting customer interest in the item then they rush to help me by mentioning necessary selling points or if any stock needed run up to the stockroom to get one for my customer or carrying on with my sale by letting me do other stuff.

Leadership - leaders are born not made, managers are made. leaders are leaders from their attitude, habits, behavior and other psychological characters not education. they know what the team want and heading towards and visualize tomorrow at the beginning of today. as a supervisor keeping everyone happy would do for me. but have not got any particular example as we are a small team of 3 only.

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Problem Solving
Time Management


You just need examples from the last couple of years that demonstrate that you have these qualities. You don’t have to be a member of a society or anything to do this. Surely you must have worked on a project with someone before, to achieve some aim. What was the experience like? What was your contribution?

Make sure you take a look at this as well, it might help:

Make sure you somewhat reheasrse your answers to these questions; you will need to be able to talk for about 5 minutes on each competency or thereabouts, though they will probably keep interupting you every few sentances. Have at least 2 examples at the ready.

Competency based interviews are not difficult, they just require practice & preparation.


Here’s a general example of a competency based answer:

Describe to me a time when you displayed teamwork?

Last year I went skiing in France with a group of friends. It was late at night and we were messing ab out on the ski slopes. Suddenly, my friend slipped and fell three hundred feet. Instantly I sprang into action. We realised straight away that his injuries were serious, as he was fitting and there was blood coming out of his nose. Being stranded up on a ski slope at night, we had to get help. We paired off in teams, two to look after our friend (who was now lying on cold snow, so time was of the essence), and myself and another to get help. We ran as hard as we could to the bottom of the slope. We were faced with several people who didn’t speak english or didn’t understand the situation. Finally, we managed to communicate what had happened and the alert was raised. We returned to the bottom of the slope to wait for the ambulance crew, and then hiked up the mountain with them, while our friends kept him warm and still in case of back injury. Our friend was air lifted to safety and flew back to the UK the next day, having broken two ribs and punctured a lung. It’s remarkable how we all worked together and stayed cool under pressure to help get him off hte mountain. Luckily though, he was OK in the end.

This is an example of areally good answer to a competency based question. The story demonstrates teamwork, leadership and working under pressure. You don’t need to make it as dramatic as this however it can’t be denied that this is a more interesting story than one about a uni project.

Incidently, this did actually happen. It’s best to stick to facts and not embelish things too much.

Hope this helps!