Competency based interviews (general)


competency based interviews worry me because I am completely inexperienced. Most “when was a time when ___” questions simply don’t apply to me.
I’ve had three jobs, but they were all zero-responsibility (eg retail). My degree didn’t involve any tasks formally involving groups of any sort too, which doesn’t help.
I suppose I shouldn’t really apply for jobs that have this kind of “competency” based question in the interview, but oh well.

If I could go back in time, I would have tried harder to get an internship, but I’m still working on the TARDIS. Perhaps I should get some temp work or something.

So should I go make some things up? In advance of course. :confused:


YES!! Make things up. If you describe how you would have acted in a situation then that’s what they want to know. Just keep it believable. Interviews are just a game you have to learn to play