Competency based interview with Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

Hello guys i have a competency based interview with Rolls Royce in 2 days time for project manager position. Has anyone given this interview before in RR? Please give me some light ans share your comments. I have never done this kind of interview before.


Hey Guys,
I have an Assessment Day with Rolls Royce soon and I was wondering if anybody had any gems of wisdom for me. Please do let me know.


Hey KennyR, I have and Assessment day with RR in a few days as well. What position have you applied for? I have applied for Purchasing summer internship and could really use any advice on how to prepare for the two interviews and case study. Is there anyone who has already been through such assessment center? Thanks


Hi guys,
Could anyone shed some light on what kind of interview is the telephone interview? Is it competency-based one?


Hi, did you go for the AC, how was it? I have it next week and would appreciate any help


Hi. I’m going for an AC for Purchasing on Friday. Do you have any tips? And they’ve said they’re doing a Technical Interview. Is this researching into Purchasing as a function, or into RR and their products? A little confused, and help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Hey thanks for sharing the scheduled interview and the job search in Roll Royce…for the career advancement. Look out :