Competency based interview (BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO, Marketing management trainee program)


I will attend a telephone interview in few days [i’m italian but it will be held in english :frowning: ]
As far as i know, the interviewer is from hudson consulting
Has anyone already attended it? How is it like?
Thank you


Can you please advise on the interview questions, i’m applying for the finance role just to have an idea what kind of question they are asking.


Please could you let me know the questions regarding the finance role at BAT.




the questions for finance are very general: what difficulties BAT faces during the crisis, what would you consider when entering new market in tobacco industry, how can the crisis impact the BAT - no technical questions. I did that part well, but I was not really prepared for behavioural questions and I was rejected.

Does anyone now how much does the BAT pay for the graduate programme in finance in UK ?


Never heard of this company before. Think I’ll give them an application to see what happens.


Please could you let me know the questions regarding the marketing role at BAT.



Hey Guys,
I have a phone interview for Leaf operations and I was wondering what kind of questions will they ask for the operations department.
More I would like to know if there is any special attributes they would be looking for.


Hey!! Have you had the interview yet? If so, please can you give me an idea of what the questions were like. Thank you.


anyone got an email saying they passed the telephone yet?


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Hello everyone!

I will have phone interview tommorow by Hudson (Marketing position), can you tell me what kind of questions will be there??Please help me…

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Im an ex BAT employee of 4 years - great company to work for!

Be sure to know your legislation - what has affected the industry to date i.e. smoking ban (Tobacco and Promotion Act). How is this affecting the industry - Resulting in a declining market. Important to gain share of segment over volume growth which is near impossible in such a category. Tax - Government is taxing tobacco heavily which is also affecting consumers purchases and with the increase in price, consumers will downtrade to cheaper fags thus less margins!

Make sure you are aware of their key global brands - Dunhill, Lucky Strike etc and their performance.

Go into your local retailer and look at where brands are positioned on the gantry i.e. premium brands on the top. Mid price in the centre and value and roll your own on the bottom. Be sure to look out for limited edition packs - This is the only way tobacco companies can now create stand out on shelf - well this and pricing! Remember - a company is legally allowed to sell its product at whatever price.

Retailers are key!!! they are the only people that can talk about a brand and or reccomend one over another! So marketing needs to be aimed at them! Customer is king in this situation. In the UK the only place you can place any form of advertising is in Cash and Carry’s - so make sure you are aware of your BTL marketing. Shelf strips, shop fittinf, FSDU’s and projects whereby you implemented these.

You will also be dealing with the trade so some trade marketing experience and the ability to demonstrate this will be key!

BAT is a massive company and owns almost 80% share of market in South Africa but not so large in the UK.

Key competitors are PMI (Phillip Morris) and JTI (Japan Tobacco International).

Not really questions but this should give you some good stuff to look into. Post if you have any questions and I will try help out.


hello guys

I 'm from Azerbaijan. I applied for BAT MT program. i passed psychometric testing. now i have to take phone interview. The problem is a got a-mail. they wrote “Please confirm.
We will contact you by the phone, please specify the number we should dial.”
But they didn’t tell me how to confirm. Do you have any idea about this…
please help me.


Hey guys!

I have my telephone interview next week. Any advice on the questions asked. Cheers!


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Hello - How did your telephone interview go?

Also did you have to do any assessment days? if so what was required from you?