Competency- based intervew with Kerry Group

The Graduate


Hi guys, I don’t know if you’ve already had your interviews, but I just had mine. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, so I had to improvise a lot haha.
Questions (not in this exact order):
Why do you want for Kerry?
Why do you want to work in the Food industry?
How is the current economic conditions affecting the Food industry and how is this affecting Kerry?
What do you think makes you suitable for Accounting & Finance?
Which area of Finance are you most interested in?
How could Finance contribute to Kerry’s future success?
Tell me about a time when you felt strongly about an idea and how did you make sure it was implemented?

  • If I remember any more I will let you know.


Hi ValioMM, thanks for posting, my interview is coming up and this has helped a lot. How many questions were you asked?
Thanks again!


Hi, I’ve been invited to take a telephone interview with Kerry group foods on Friday. The position I applied for is within their HR graduate programme. Anyone have any experience for this post? What to expect? Any help would be appreciated.


Hi, I had my telephone interview 2 days ago with Kerry Group and they sent me an email to inform I have successfully completed the telephone interview but my application will be forwarded for final review before being invited to the a/c. Is that means I still haven’t secure a place for A/C? Is that means I might not be able to attend the a/c at all? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you =)


Hi, I have my telephone interview next week. What kind of questions did you get asked? Would really appreciate it! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi lareb_ahmed 25,

I have an interview coming up too could you please give me an insight into your interview?



Hi xiniyi-238,

I have my telephone interview comping up soon could you please give me some insight from your interview?




Basically, there were motivational questions, technical questions and of course competency. The lady that interviewed me was quite rude so just remain calm and confident (I don’t want to scare you instead just want you to be ready for it). For me personally there were no questions such as tell me about the company or any industry questions which was disappointing as I did a lot of research in those areas! (Still research on these areas)

These were the questions I can remember:
-Why have you chosen to apply at Kerry?
-Why have you chosen this program to apply too?
-Give me 3 ways in which the strength of the finance function can be measured
-How does the finance function affect the commercial activities of the business?
-Tell me about a time where you came up with a innovative solution to a problem where you faced resistance (competency)
-About 2 more competency questions that I cannot remember! But I have a good feeling they were on team work and something else

Feel free to ask me anything else and best of luck!


Hi ya, anyone being invited to the Kerry’s AC next week? Willing to share any additional information that relate to the AC? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi I would like to know if anyone has been to assessment centre to kerry group thank you