Competency- based intervew with Kerry Group

The Graduate


Could someone please give a breakdown of how the assessment centre day went? This will be highly appreciated. Thanks



I have applied for the Operation/Production Management graduate position. I have a telephone interview next week. Has anyone passed this stage? I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what sort of questions was asked.

Thank you!


Did somebody attend on the assessment centre for the grad sales and marketing 2013?



I am attending the AC for an HR role in few days. Could you please give me some tips such as the topic of presentation and the group exercise. Some examples of interview questions and if the numeracy tests were paper based and difficult.
Thanks in advance.



Hello everyone, I’ve done my telephone interview and finally was contacted to the assessment centre. But they said it might be on July, still a long time. Does anyone would like to share their experience of AC? Such as what kind of activities would be included, group exercise, case study, presentation,paper tests and so on. Thank you for your help!!


Hey everyone, has anyone applied for the accounting and finance programme recently? If yes have you received feedback yet? I have done my tests early last week and still waiting if i am through to the next stage;]


Hi eunit, I completed tests on Sunday and Monday, got an email to book telephone interview now.


Hi bjs345! Yes i received my telehpnoe invitation for the interview as well!;]


Hi,Luhsuan21. Could you share what have you been asked in the telephone interview please? I will have mine in the next week.

Many thanks!


Has anyone received invitation to AC recently? I had my interview recently still waiting for the outcome!


Hi eunit,do you remember what have you been asked in the telephone interview please? I’m applying for procurement position.Thanks!



Pretty much all the questions that are mentioned on this thread!


Hello Jerry, just like Eunit said, those questions they asked are like those opening questions they asked at the online application. For example, give a example that how you solved a problem, how did you manage several complicated tasks or projects, how did you work well with your team members and so on. Also, they also asked me some questions about the company, I think they wanted to make sure the candidates have good understanding of the business. Good luck for you telephone interview.


Hello Renetalis
How’s your AC? Hope it’s all well. Would you like to share your experience of the AC? If you would like to I would be very grateful. Many thanks.


luhsuan21, i was just wondering how long did it take after the interview to get invitation for the AC?;]
Jerry to summarise: career plane2,5 years time, time management, why kerry, know a lot about the company as well as competitors and lots of competency based questions on teamwork,when u had to handle difficult colleague and so on. Good luck with the interview and let us know how it went!


Thanks! It sounds great! I’m just worried some tricky questions will be asked.I will prepare well. Hope to see you in the AC.


Absolutely,I will let you know. Thanks again.


Well they did asked a few tricky questions (competency) so I am a bit pessimistic about getting through tot he next stage, but we will see…make sure you prepare lots of competency examples and maybe try and link them to the job you are applying to, as how you would add value. Lastly, know your weaknesses and strengths as they might ask about it as well!



I am having an interview with Kerry Group next week for A&F role. Has anyone been to their telephone interview this year yet? If so, could you please share what questions were asked? Your help would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!


Hi, how did your interview go? I’m about to have an interview with Kerry group … what questions did they ask you/any tips? Thanks in advance.