Competency- based intervew with Kerry Group

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Hi guys,

Any info on the phone interviews for Grad Programme would be appreciated



Just a competency based interview with a recruitment firm. Expect quite a few commercial based questions with some technical questions too.

I applied to Finance, had my telephone interview just over a week ago, not heard back yet.

What have you applied to?


Hello people.

Happy New Year.

I have a competency based interviewwith Kerry Food which should last 40 minutes and I was wondering if anyone has passed this stage?

What sort of questions were asked please?

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks


Had my Kerry Foods interview a few weeks ago and got the following questions (don’t remember all of them and I’m paraphrasing as well) :
What do you think about the food industry?
What has made Kerry’s successful? and What have they not done well?
Describe a time when you have communicated effectively with people? Why do you think it was effective? What did you do well that facilitated the communication (or something along those lines)
What about Kerry’s values makes it the right place for you? (Why do you want to work for Kerry’s?)
Why your chosen field? and Which other places have you applied to?
Describe a time when you have taught somebody or people and how this made you feel?
Describe a time when you have had a challenging course or project?


Hii Everyone, :slight_smile:
Anyone applying at Kerry graduate program this year and have already had their phone interview?
I’m applying for the ICT position and just had my phone interview!


Hi there,

I have applied for the ICT position too and have my telephone interview tomorrow!!
I’m a bit nervous, and would love if you have any info. or tips on the questions they asked?

Hope yours went amazing!!


Hi there,

I have applied for the ICT position too and have my telephone interview tomorrow!!
I’m a bit nervous, and would love if you have any info. or tips on the questions they asked?

Hope yours went amazing!!



I’ve applied for a marketing position through the Kerry Graduate Programme. I’ve completed the online tests and have my competency based phone interview on Thursday - any advice??

Any help would be great, thanks!



I had my phone interview last Thurs. The lady was really nice and made sure that you understood the questions. The only advice I could give is have a lot of problem solving examples prepared. I was asked three, and I only had two prepared. Also, know the competitors, some financial info and how Kerry maintain their competitive advantage.

Hope it goes really well.


Eeey, :slight_smile:

KOD -Sorry! I didn’t get to reply on time, but hope your interview went great.

Creminal1- The question that I wasn’t really prepared for was the competitive advantage of kerry as KOD said up there! but I sort of remembered what I wrote in the application form where they had a similar question. All the best with your interview!


I have recently had a telephone interview for Finance in Kerry Foods and to be honest I thought the interviewer behaved disgracefully. Granted, my answers may not have been the best she had heard but sarcastic comments after several of my answers were not acceptable. This has really put me off the company. One thing I would mention question wise if you are wanting to apply is do a lot of research into the food industry, several aspects, because it will be asked.


Really? What was the interview like? I’m just about to submit my online application - have done all my company research and now just need to actually answer the two 200 word questions.


It was just little things and I may have been being touchy I guess. An example was when asked how I knew an audience were following what was saying in a presentation, I said I made sure to have plenty of eye contact to assess whether they looked engaged and interested in what I had to say, so her response was “so you basically just looked at them”. You never know people’s situations and I guess she may have just been having a bad day, but that attitude is really unencouraging for an interview.


wow, that sounds quite aggressive! maybe she was playing bad cop to try and put you off, and was challenging to see if you remained calm under pressure? i can’t think of a worse environment to have to do that in than over a telephone interview! hope you make it through to the next stage :).


I had my telephone interview last month and I haven’t heard anything yet either. I also got a very unpleasant woman on the phone, so maybe she was just trying to put us off! I asked her where the interview would be based and she said Dublin of course which is why at the start we asked if you would be able to move. But I asked because what I applied for was UK & Ireland! The interview questions were 2 competency based ones, one about teamwork, the other was about a difficult colleague you had to work with, then there were questions about the food industry and competitors. Just do some research and have good competency questions I think and hopefully you’ll get a different woman because I’ve been put off by her too!


Need some guidance…I am not from UK and the matter is not related to UK… I am applying for a graduate program in Germany where I did my studies… but I am from India and presently in India… so does these factors like distance and visa issues etc affect my chances to clear a telephonic interview ? kindly help if anyone has a idea… warm regards


What’s the number of applicants generally selected for telephonic interview in case of one vacancy?


please has the accounting and finance scheme officially closed because it is still on the system


I have a telephone interview this week for Sales Marketing and Category Management for Kerry Foods Grad Scheme 2013.
Can anyone outline what questions are likely to come up???

Would reeally appreciate any help thanks x


Hey, got a telephone interview for Kerry Group this week. Anyone else had theirs recently?