Competency- based intervew with Kerry Group

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Hi everyone, I would like to ask you if anyone has already been to a competency based interview with Kerry Group. I am applying for the graduate program in Finance this year and I am almost in the end of the selection process. I have read almost all post in regards to the competency based interview in Wikijob but I feel a little bit confused because I think I won’t have enough time to prepare my responds to all questions. I am going to have my interview after two weeks. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice in relation to the Kerry’s Group competency- based interview. Thank you


I have my phone interview in 3 days and I think its a general phone interview based on your competencies citing examples of teamwork, initiative, hard work etc etc. Background knowledge on the company might be essential.


Thank you very much and I wish you a success with your application.


Hello guys, I also have a phone interview for the same position next week.Please provide some info when you have yours!




Hi George, which country do you apply for? I think the best way to prepare yourself for the interview is to answer as many question as you can in the sample questions provided by wikijob. On which day is your interview?




Hi guys,

How it is going? I wish a luck to both of you and I hope we all get a chance to go to the last stage.

See you!!



Hello George,

I am also waiting for their decision regarding the assessment centre.I received very positive feedback regarding my interview, but as you said we have to wait until Friday or Monday, because the HR Manager will decide who will be shortlisted for the a/c!Fingers crossed :wink:

Yeah, they told me the same dates, but it’s not yet confirmed when will the a/c take place.Will it be in Ireland??I thought it will be in London…

Hopefully, I’ll meet you there. If you have an answer , let me know.It would be interesting if we knew how many positions will be available, and how many people will be invited in the a/c.Just to calculate our chances!





Hey guys,

I also had an interview last week. But they guy who I had the interview with told me that the position I am being considered for is an entry-level position instead of a graduate position. Did they tell you anything about that? The guy told me that there are 17 positions and they are interviewing around 50 people. Not sure though if its the same thing for you guys… And I reckon the a/c will be in Dublin probably in 2 weeks or so…Lets see… Good luck to you all…


Hello Tiger,

No , they didnt tell me anything about entry-level position…
Did you apply for Kerry Ingredients EMEA Finance Graduate Program?

Will you also know tomorrow, if you are invited to the assessment centre?


Well I received this general email talking about the procedure afterwards and stating to hear back from them November 1st onwards…


Hi All,

Have you got any updates with regards to your telephone interviews?

What did it involve?

I have mine next week and not too sure what to prepare.




Hi mate, which graduate scheme do you apply for- in ingredients& flavours or in kerry food? The recruitment process in kerry ingredients and flavours is almost done. Good luck with your application!!!




Hi George,

I applied for the Finance Programme at Kerry Foods.



Anyone with an a/c experience with Kerry Group???


is anyone going to attend the finance assessment day in Dublin on 6th Dec ?


Hello kaczkat,

I have an assessment centre for Finance next week.

Did you apply for Kerry Group or Kerry Ingredients?


kerry ingredients
and you??!



Anyone staying in @ Carlton Hotel, Dublin today (30/11/2010) for the assessment center for the 1st of December 2010??

May kindly reply back because I am there and it would be a good opportunity to meet up before hand.

Kind Regards,



So how was the assessment centre for anyone who already went there? Did it take much time? Was it really tiring and involved a lot of excercises.

Any repply will be much appreciated.