Compeleted Interview - Said Passed & congrats



I finished up my ACN consulting analyst interview back in may of 2014. They said that I have passed the onsite and also said congrats. Since then they have said that I am waiting on placement. They said that they are in process of finalizing demands for January 2015 and the next step is to place me in a location. The interview was in California and I was to relocate there. I am not sure as to what is happening. Am I waiting to get an offer letter? or should I pursue other opportunities?


You should contact the company. Anything may have happened, and you need to stay on top of your interviews/offer to ensure you get the job, if that’s what you want. I’d contact them by email/phone …let us know what happens!


I have contacted them plenty of times since my interview. the answer is always the same “we are just waiting on a position”…Anyways. I will post on here if some new reply comes along.