Company Reneging on a Graduate Job Offer


In September 2014, mid-way through completing an internship with a large company, I was offered a full-time graduate contract with the same company starting this September 2015, which I signed. In the final weeks of my internship I was made aware that the company was considering reneging on the offer as part of a wider reorganisation. I am a very promising graduate (hence the company’s desire to offer me a graduate contract early); I did not make applications to graduate programs with other major companies because I thought I was already guaranteed a job with my dream company. Applications for these other companies are now closed - and so I am potentially stuck with either applying to the limited number of companies with applications still open (and that I do not really want to work for) or wait until the end of this year when the applications for the larger companies re-open (meaning I’d be forced to take a year out).

In the UK, what does the law state about companies reneging on graduate contracts? Considering I may have missed opportunities for employment with other companies, do I have any rights?