Company presentation - US companies


Is ok to use a US company with franchises in the UK to present on to a partner interview in London?

e.g think McDonalds, although im not acutally choosing McDonalds!

I know KPMG are global but i have an expectation that they expect you to present on a UK company given im applying to the London office.

The company’s auditing is done in the US and its listed in NYSE. When i talk about its international growth strategies my perspective will be from the US so im thinking this may be a problem.

What do you all think?


don’t think it matters where its located at all!! i think someone on here perhaps said they did one on a japanese company or something.


Oh really thats good then, didnt want this whole day of work to go to waste!


Quite true. It’s the quality of [[presentation]] that’s important, not really where the company is from. Good luck!