Companies that will help you writing your CV


Hi everyone,

Have you guys ussed it ? Any good?

As anyone ussed one called CV - Masterclass or another CV Partnership?



I have only used one called CV-Shop. They were really good and I was happy with what I received. They provided me with lots of options to help me make the best decision, and in the end I used their CV Editing services, and I have to say that i was impressed.

Sorry I can’t comment on the two that you mentioned, but try


No I can’t say I’ve used or heard of either. I do know that offer something different. My video CV secured my my current job, out of the 150 other candidates who applied! I can’t praise them enough.


Anyone can set up a CV writing company nowadays. If you are using a CV Writing firm, please double check that they are accredited and have certification. It’s also important to ensure that the person you speak to is actually writing your CV. More often than not, it will be farmed out to a junior who may have minimal experience of the field you wish to enter. Ask your writer about their experience and expertise - you should feel confident that they understand your needs and can help you secure an interview.


Hi everyone.

WikiJob offers a CV review and writing service through The CV Centre.

You can read more about the service, including testimonials, at the above link. There is also currently a special offer on during the month of April- read more at

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Thanks guys I will have a look at it
The problem is finding a decent company not just one that gives very vague comments
I will also check wiki jobs link


Thanks for that.

Can you please let me know

Acrrediated where? and have a certification with whom?



Hi John
Both PARW, Professional Association of Resume Writers and CDI, Career Directors International have directories of certified writers - check them out. I am one of them! My focus is primarily banking, finance and consultancy although I have experience across a broad range of sectors.
Victoria (City CV)


Hi Victoria,

Many thanks for that I am all about management, environment and oil but going to have a very carefull look at it

Once more many thanks


Hi John,

Did anyone ussed that citycv one? Good?


This one is very good. It’s the cv and cover letter writing company WikiJob has chosen to partner with. It’s also the cheapest I could find! -


avoid city cv one of my friends used and wa not happy at all


I used it and it helped me landing the job I have now… It took my entire working profile to another level since I wanted to upgrade my job AND my wage…
Costed me around 100USD altogether… I used a company called center resume or something like that…
Also you have to be careful with the company you choose because there is a lot of ripoffs in this market. I was pretty much screwed by trying to go cheaper using odesk…

Good luck!


Wikijobs offers it. There is also reference on Greenturn and I think Assessment Day. There is also a bit on some business English websites. There is one on Udemy that offers C V training (though I don’t think there is C V editing.) It’s at Udemy . com/get-hired

Hope that helps



Nice one. Resume writing services help candidates in producing a resume that can help to get the job. Everyone needs help while searching for a job. Resume writing services play like the role of boon to help the students to make a better resume (Polished Paper).


There’s a few websites out there. You could also employ a freelancer on for example.


I would suggest Resume Vogue . Check it



I never used like this. But I use peopleperhour for this type of service. And really this is amazing. I love it. You also check the peopleperhour review here . After this, Surely you like it. Thanks.


I was quite happy with They are pretty good and less factory like. A bit pricey but worked for me.


Hi. I’ve done my CV with Immigrant School. It was great! I talked with them in my native language, had a 30 minutes call and received in 2 days.