Companies doing well


Hi, I need help with the question ‘tell me about a company that is currently doing well’, does anyone have any suggestion of some companies I can look into?


Hi there,

There are a lot of companies that are doing well!
If you are struggling, maybe start with an industry that you know is doing well in this particular time of economic change: then you are able to talk more generally about why they are doing well fromt he perspective of industry and markets. Then following this, think about what sort of company you are actually interested in. Try to allign it to the type of companies you will be working on for your particular role. For example, if this application is for a Big4, the likelihood is, you will be working on larger clients. Show that you understand how this type of business works and don’t choose a start-up, for example. Keep it relevant and interesting!

When you have chosen a business, know everything you can about it! Know its competitors, how well they are actually doing (in comparison to the prior years) and how you think they can improve/ any difficulties they may have over the next 1-5 years taking in to account any regulatory/ market changes predicted.

I hope this helps. Good luck!