Communication Skills


Hi all
I think that there’s a general perception in the world that accountants are lacking in communication skills.

What do you guys think? Do we really lack communication skills and should our training provide a bit more exposure to acquiring those key skills.

I believe that it is becoming more important to be a good communicator and that professional firms and companies should assist their students to a greater degree.



i think that there is absolutely no doubt that communication skills are a crucial part of the modern day accountants’ armoury. After all, if you cant get your point across, then no matter how brilliant it is, it wont be appreciated.

My time in training was a while ago and we certainly did not get any coaching in communication skills. I tend to agree with you that it is something all firms should address as part of their staff training and development.



the previous comments are absolutely right!!!

I’m a pretty shy person and the thought of public speaking or presentations really terifies me.

I would really have liked to have some training and advice in giving presentations, after all it is a life skill which will last a life time, hehe if you can get over the fear!!

Companies definately dont pay enough attention to this aspect of their staffs’ development.



you are all right, instead of focusing only on additional spreadsheet or database training, firms should also concentrate on developing the all-round skills of their employees.