Commerzbank Internship



I am just wondering if anyone had applied for an internship at Commerzbank. I have applied once online,about a months ago, haven’t even received a confirmation of my application… After when reading the full job description I have realized that there was an email you had to send your CV to, which I did, but still haven’t heard back nor received a confirmation email… Has been a week since I have sent the email.

Anyone experienced applications with Commerzbank for summer internships?
Please share, would be helpful!



Just applied to an internship with them as well, and have also not received an email confirmation. Did you finally get the confirmation?


Any news regarding Commerzbank AC’s?


No news so far, and I am not sure they tell you if your application is unsuccessful… I have found an internship already anyways in a different company.


Hi guys,

Did anyone apply for a long term internship in sales at Commerzbank AG London recently ?

Have you heard from them so far ?

  • Summer internship I mean…

Did anyone hear back from Commerzbank regarding summer internships yet?