Commerzbank IBD


Anyone applied for Commerzbank IBD London full time?

I applied mid December but havent received a call yet…as far as I know (have a friend inside there) they call u to invite to AC late January…

Just wondering…bye


Which department you applied. I am putting my application for Corporate Banking. I have a question when they ask for experience they need a’ project experience’ and a ‘professional experience’. I was just wondering what is the difference between the two.


I applied for Corporate Finance…as far as I remember they ask for work/professional experience, dont remember a question about project experience (this one I think thi is more related to a specific project you may have taken part to either during work experience or Uni…)

hope this helps


Hey guys, I also applied to Commerzbank mid-December and apart from the confirmation e-mail have not heard anything yet… has anyone heard anything? I applied to Equity Markets. I don’t know whether I should contact them and ask them… don’t want to get on their nerves though and appear impatient. Any news would be great. :smiley:


Same situation as you buddy, still no news…I wonder we should give them a call or write an email…cheers


hi there, i have an AC tmr with commerzbank. as far as i understood there is one-final round. so, in case you are selected you won’t be informed earlier than 5-6 days by mail.


Which scheme did you applied to and when???


I applied in the beginning of November for the Risk Management Programme in London.


Oh well good luck and let us know how you get on. Where there any other stages involved? Or is it pretty much just application and then an AC? Hope it goes well for you tomorrow!


Hey stroubir, how did you AC go? Has anyone heard anything back yet? I’m starting to get impatient… haha.


it was fine, in case of going to an AC expect 2 interviews, both involve half competency questions and half technical, one group exercise, verbal/numerical tests - absolutely different to shl tests. you almost don’t need a calculator hey have to do more with speed, one group exercise, one presentation and one intra-day exercise (kind of stupid exercise and it has to do again with speed and decision making ability). Hope that helps guys…because personally I hadn’t found anything…


Hello again, has anyone heard back yet? I still haven’t heard anything… Has anyone tried calling HR for more info? Was looking at a thread from last year and it seems that they were getting answers around this time of the year…




@elik email them if you are that worried. I heard back from HR a few weeks ago, and they said they will need 3weeks more. So we should hear back soon.


Hi, For CommerzBank numerical and verbal test online and at the assessment centre you should go to for practice. They have the actual REAL questions from various CommerzBank tests!!!


pnar won


I have applied for a summer internship in Fixed Income - Sales one week ago and haven’t heard from them besides the email confirmation…

Does anyone here have the same problem ?