Commerzbank - IBD, Markets?


Since Commerzbank gobbled up Dresner couple of years ago, the Dresner graduate recruitment in London has been on hiatus ever since. But this year, they seem to be restarting again. Any one have any ideas or clues or impressions on it? Are they really recruiting? (given Commerzbank’s terrible results)


Dude, I believe they are not. Even if they are than they are off-setting somewhere else. Please check the following two links:


I know people who went to ACs but didnt get the jobs, so not sure if they are actualy hiring or how many. Certainly the renumeration they were often sounded incredulous.



Hi Lil

I was wondering if u knew what exactly was asked and what kind of activites they had during the assesment centre. I have also been invited for an AC and any kind of info will be great. thnx


hey Nirvana, AC for which department??? when is it? goodluck!


Hey IBD_Haunter

It’s for corporate finance on 10th March. I see that you have been a member for quite some time. it will be great if you could share any knowledge you might have about the commerzbank AC since I don’t know what to expect. This will atleast give me a idea in which direction to prepare.


sorry mate, I dont know much about Commerbank AC. I just got to know that they opened their grad scheme few days… so just checked whether you guys/gals are aware of it. when did they contact you about the AC?


Sorry Nirvana,

I wasnt there and never thought to ask the guys what the had done/been asked but i couldnt imagine that it would be too different from most other IB ACs.



Hi guys,

I’ve been invited for an AC for commerzbank grad scheme for the corporate finance dpt…I tried to find out about tips for the interviews but nothing seems that it’s going to be the same as all AC’s (technical, general itws…) or at least hope that it’s going to be like that…
Does anyone if there is only one or 2 AC?

thks fellas.



I spoke to the HR lady on the phone and she said that I was invited to the last AC on the 14th of March, so I’m guessing that there’s only one AC. Have you had yours yet? Can you give me any tips on the presentation (such as the topic)? How was the in-tray exercise? Thanks in advance or maybe I’ll see you there!



Hope your AC went well! How was it…was it a typical AC? I have mine soon for a grad position in Fixed Income Trading. Thanks in advance!



so how did ur AC go?? I have one for corporate finance on the march 18th in london. any comments on the AC I would appreciate. thanks in advance!! cheers


those of you who have been to the assessment centre already, do u know what company they use for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests.??? i have an assessment soemtime next week…

and the presentation…was it on anything from current affairs or they give you an article to read and you summarize it??

tips would be greatly appreciated…

p.s. fixed income is really good…damn interesting…i have done some of their p+l’s before…goodluck :slight_smile:


the test is not the one u have on shl or other websites. its gonna be all about speed. as for presentation, u will get material and u guys need not prepare for it. there is an in-tray excercise which is the toughest excercise.


hey…thanks… by the way is the presentation infront of a panel or candidates as well??

when do they get back to you regarding the outcome?


does anyone know if you are allowed to make any notes during the in-tray/e-tray exercise??


ya, you will be able to make notes during the excercise. its for one hour.


hi what is an in-tray exercise?

I gathered that its on some topic (is it team work?) after which a panel would be asking you questions/making you present on a particular question/point around this exercise?

Anyway advice would be much appreciated…


Further what are the numerical questions like, Nirvana mentioned speed…

is it like the Tibra Optiver test?

or is more like



Sorry for the questions…Just want to have an idea…


apparently… the business is still screening CVs for IBD.