Hello Everyone,

Just would like some comments from the folks on this forum about my peculiar situation.

Academically, I have a degree in Computer Science, then a degree in Finance. But unlike most graduates, I have over 10 years experience (yes, since I was 9) in establishing startups that today generates 7 digits revenues each with offices spanning the globe, where I was the primary technical lead.

I don’t really see a continuing role in my own firms - I solve problems, I build solutions and then other people take it forward and run it on a daily period. Building a solution for a technical niche with a very tiny budget and to devise marketing strategy to offset the overall market to establish a firm hold on it is what I do best. But I am sick and tired of the entrepreneurial nature of what I have been doing and the constant pain of extensively tight budgets - I want to basically change paths to something else. So, I believe that consulting will be the ideal choice for me.

But, if I take the route of going via experience hire, I get rejected from all firms. If I apply for graduate roles, again I get rejected by most. Now, I have no idea how to reach these people. For one, I am Indian and if I want to go into a firm in India - I need to have an MBA. I grew up in Hong Kong, but I don’t know Cantonese, so can’t go there as well. UK is where I did my studies and I don’t know how I can get into this industry here.

Well any comments are appreciated, I am highly frustrated with the overall recruitment process.