Cobham assessment center


The phone interview and online tests are pretty much the same as every other company

The assessment center is over 2 days., and may be place in a hotel
First there is a ice breaker where you get to talk to each other and report back to the group about your partner.
Then a presentation from some on at cobham.
You will also redo the tests on paper, BRING YOUR OWN CALCULATOR, the ones they provide are shit.

They will send you what competencies they are looking for before hand, read them carefully and in the group assessment and interview they will be looking for these qualities, so find opportunities to show them.

The group exercise was about a company that was trying to release a new piece of technology and run in to several problems. Your task is to solve them within a budget.

You also have to do a written assessment of your and the groups performance and what you would do to improve. You also have to choose a person in the group to get rid of and why.

the interview is competency based and there a few technical based questions based on your degree, which isn’t too complicated.


Hey Dex200

Were the tests similar to the SHL u took online or exactly the same or harder?

What is your degree? And in terms of technical questions what did they ask you considering your degree? or what was the major focus on e.g. your final year projects or specific modules?

Is this correct?
The 1st day involved the presentation by Cobham staff, SHL Tests and getting to know one another.
The 2nd day involved the group exercise, written assessment of yours and the group’s performance; the competency based interview?

Did you have to do any presentation on any subject?




The 1st day involved the presentation by Cobham staff, SHL Tests, group exercise and getting to know one another. During the presentation ask questions, even if you already came across the info in your own research.

The written assessment of yours and the group’s performance is then given to you to at the end of the first day, to do for the next day.
I forgot to say before, you are also given a presentation to perform to your interviewer. the one for the group i went with was on our career objectives and we have done to achieve them.

The second day is the interview and presentation. You will have the interview with 2 people.

they should send you a schedule a few days before.

My degree is aeronautical engineering, and the questions were on an aircraft wing, the types of forces it experiences and the different load cases. Not to difficult first year stuff.

The test you do are similar to shl and the ones they already made you do online, but to me and everyone else they seemed harder.

You are staying there overnight, and they might provide an evening meal. If you want this isn’t formal so you could bring extra cloths.

the finish time of the second day isn’t realy set, the interviews take place from 9 to 1 and you could have at any point between these times. but you have to hand in the written assessment, a survey and your expense forms before 1 as that is when they leave.

Remember this was for my assessment day, it could change.


WOW thank you man for all the information much appreciated!

So you do the written assessment of yourself and the group’s performance after you finish the 1st day and you do it at your hotel room and then bring it with you on the 2nd day and hand it in?

The presentation; is it individual or as a part of the group and what subject is it on? Your final year project or a subject given to you by them…or every1 gets the same topic of career objectives and what you have done to achieve them?

And finally what was your impression of the company and the stuff members that you met?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Should have explained the presentation abit better. Its individual and you give it to you interviewers at the start of the interview, about your career objectives and what you did to achieve them.
Every one gets this topic, but this was for every one who went for the assessment center with me, it may change.

You right about the written assessment. i typed it up on my laptop first then wrote it out, but what i didn’t realize at the time was there was a computer room and printer at the hotel, and some people printed theirs out, so have a look around the hotel.

the staff are quite friendly and answer any questions you ask. Thinking about the questions again, they do try to hint at what competencies they are looking for at that specific moment, so they are trying to help.
About the questions it has been a while since i went so i’m not to sure
but i would say its like
when have you taken a leadership role?, what you did, what qualities you brought, what are the qualities of a good leader? Is there any one is history you admire as a leader? Do they have the same qualities?
Team work?
When have you changed things for an improvement? did you get any praise or acknowledgement?
and so on, sorry can’t be much help on the questions, but they will be centered around the competencies they give you, as well as why you want to work for Cobham?

The company itself seems okay, but the presentations they give are just like everyone else, saying all the good points only touching on the bad then going back to the good. so you may need to go on websites such as glassdoor and try to contact people through linkedin to get a unbiased impression of the company.