Co-operative Financial Services


Anyone applied to the CFS?


Hey, just came on to search for this. I’ve just filled in an application now, did you hear back from them?


Yes, I was successful at the application. Completed my online assessment over the weekend.



Ive also applied to this, I work at CFS as a Customer Service Adviser and saw it on the intranet. Not heard back yet from my application, which was sent on 10th March.



Hi Danny,
Urs was sent at the twilight of the deadline so u can’t expect to get a reply immediately unless it is an extraordinary application u sent. I got a response 3 weeks after sending the completed application form, so be on the look out for a response soon. Do u mind sharing ur experience working with the Co-operative? Thanks



I wasnt expecting a prompt response from my application, I was just saying :slight_smile: Working for the CFS is pretty damn good, their values and ethics (as already known) are top notch. I finished university and saw this job, so I thought i’d apply and use it as a ‘foot in the door’ job. Only been there 4 months but its been pretty cool. There isnt alot of opportunities on the graduate front, but if I wanted to I could request to move different departments and jobs are always popping up on the intranet. I would presume that the graduate scheme there is of top quality. The upper management are all down to earth and laid back (in the call centre) so I guess it will be the same for the finance department. How was your online test? Have you heard any results? My friend applied last year and he said there was a logic test, kinda like an IQ test… did they do that this year?



Hi Danny,

thanks for ur feedback. U kinda reignite my interest in the CFS all over again. The test was SHL: verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning. I spoke with Anna during the week about my result, she said they will get back to me after the deadline and results have been collected from the assessment company.



Yeh CFS are a really good company to work for, dont have any doubts! SHL is kinda standard, ive just been for an assessment centre for a company called CSC. They used SHL so im pretty good with them tests. Where are you based?


I ve PM you.


Hello all,

Any update from CFS?


danny my man! hows it going! x


Has anyone heard back from CFS?

I contacted them last week and was told we’ll call you by the end of April for assessment centres.

They’ve either filled up the spots or I’ll get a call tomorrow…


Oh yeah I applied for this and was told id get a call by the end of April. I was wondering if anyone knows any places where I can find more information about the specific roles as there only seems to be a brief description and nothing on their site, in particular the Corporate and Markets Directorate, apart from the brief description theres nothing about it anywhere.


Hi, Anybody had telephone interview as yet?

I just had mine,was competency based and lasted for 20 mins.How long do these people take to get back.I am quite anxious.

Any help,highly appreciated!!



That cant be for the CFS grad scheme! theres no phone interview for the application process, if u pass the online test ure invited to assessment


Got a call back a week or 2 ago, got an assessment centre this coming monday. Hope to see you guys there!



Yeah I think there’s a mix of co-operative schemes/jobs here.

Correct me if I’m wrong (Raz? Danny?) but even co-op
bank which finished months ago varies from CFS.

The one I’ve applied to is the CFS Business Adviser some websites call it Financial Adviser. There’s not really much info on the CFS careers site about the role, where are you guys looking?


Hey guys,

im applying for training contract in co-op inhouse legal department in manchester. Does anyone know where can i get detailed info about the role and what does the interview procedure entails?

would appreciate quick response.


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Hey Guys, i applied for a role as a customer advisor at CFS and done the test online. however, i didn’t see the extra answers that you needed to scroll down to see and got most of the questions wrong ( i presume) just seeing if there’s anyway of doing ti again :confused: thanks