Co-Operative CIMA Scheme?


Just been told I have an interview for this scheme in November, but no real details on what to expect. I know it’s not an assessment centre as that only comes if successful in the interview, but not really sure how to prepare as the interview could be with someone from finance or HR, competency based or just a get-to-know-you kinda thing. Anyone have any experience attending interviews with any of the Co-Op schemes, or anyone else applying for the scheme?



Hi, I haven’t sent my application off yet, been working on for the last couple of weeks but obviously now uni has started and my priorities of elsewhere.
I’m applying for the HR scheme and hope I stand a chance as I have worked for them for four years. Which scheme are you applying for?



I’m going for the Finance scheme. If you’ve got past experience with them i’m sure you’ll be in good stead to do well with your app, I haven’t worked with them and my subject isn’t in a relevant subject yet i’m still through to interview, just remember not to leave it too late!


I have a maths test for RBS tomorrow so I will be submitting my app asap. What are you studying? I study social policy and criminology which is totally unrelated to HR.
Also, how was the maths test, i am pretty good at maths however I have failed a numerical test for lloyds, Barclays and an accountancy scheme so far :s