Co-operative bank job


Hi all

I have an interview with the co-op bank coming up next week, the job is working as a case handler in its complaints department.

My only concern however is that I have been asked to complete various forms to take with me on the day, on one of the forms it asks if I have had any defaults in the last six years, which I do. I currently have around 4 unsettled defaults on my credit file.

I do intend to declare this naturally however, will this automatically cause my application to be rejected? I have had no other debt action against me apart from the defaults being issued and this really is this only thing that is worrying me.

Should I even bother going to the interview?

Any opinions or advice is welcome.


Hi Khazard,
The unsettled defaults shouldn’t automatically reject you, they will probably just look at your application a little more closely. You should still attend the interview and be optimistic.